Brand Tracking = Brand Image + Customer Experiences

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Do you take into account the customer experiences from community websites, forums and other social media sites while doing your Brand research? Research shows that once a person begins interacting with a brand, their actual experiences have a far greater impact on their perceptions and likelihood to shop, buy, or recommend.

Many a times companies' brand tracking research do not account this factor, thus missing the opportunity to tell a more complete story. The most effective brand tracking research must incorporate both:

Brand Impact: Does your market communications on your brand deliver what it promises?

Experience: The extent to which people's experiences at every touch point match up with what the brand promises.

So where does social media fall into the equation? While it isn't possible (or advisable) to dive into great detail about experiences in your brand tracking, measuring both communications and experiences within the same research enables the findings to be very specific about the changes you can make to acquire and retain more customers. And it enables marketing resources to be spent more efficiently by detecting and diagnosing areas of the customers' experiences that could undermine even the most effective branding work.